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Last Update: 2022-09-28T03:09:10

Q: Why am I not in the ranking list?

A: You need to set your GitHub account at MetaCPAN as well as your PAUSE account.

Q: I've set my GitHub and PAUSE account, but I'm still not in the list?

A: This may have many reasons. First make sure that you have set your GitHub account to your username (e.g.: PLU) and not to the full URL to your profile. Another reason might be that the list has not been updated in a while, see also: "How often is the data being updated?"

Q: How often is the data being updated?

A: Currently the data is updated once per hour, the cronjob starts at 49 * * * * and usually takes around 2-3 minutes. You can even see the update log file. Once I did a fresh deployment of the software the logfile might be empty until the next run.

Q: What is the "Recent" section?

A: A list of users, who have been added to in the last 24 hours.